Mass Save PA COVID-19 Response Efforts


  • Development of and frequent updates to FAQ page on
  • Launch of Contractor Resources portal, including delivery of free webinar on accessing federal relief measures enabled by CARES Act


  • Accelerated development and launch of “Virtual Home Energy Assessment”: allows home assessments to continue without on-premise access
  • Development and deployment of virtual pre and post inspection protocols: allows select C&I projects to progress / be paid without on-premise access

Enhanced Training And Workforce Development

  • Procured and promoted ‘no cost to student’ on-line learning modules for residential and C&I contractor staff
  • Partnered with external organization to provide financial incentive for residential training module participation

Pipeline and Backlog Development

  • Focus on providing contractor access / visibility into project pipeline and backlog to support rapid restoration / recovery efforts once on-premise efforts continue
  • Enhanced marketing efforts to support customer enrollment in current offerings
  • Create and promote targeted, enhanced incentives on future savings opportunities