Massachusetts Energy Efficiency Efforts Providing Unprecedented Savings to Customers

August 09, 2016

Massachusetts utilities and energy efficiency service providers1 have filed their 2013-2015 Term Reports with the Department of Public Utilities, showing unprecedented energy savings and dollar benefits statewide over the three-year period.  For each of the three years, Massachusetts was also ranked number one on the American Council for An Energy-Efficient Economy’s State Energy-Efficiency Scorecard. 


The Sponsors of Mass Save offer nation-leading programs, which enabled Massachusetts customers to save 3,924,746 annual megawatt-hours of electricity from electric programs and 78,733,649 annual therms of natural gas from gas programs.  The results confirm the commonwealth’s energy efficiency programs deliver innovative, cost effective programs, resulting in combined economic benefits of $9,339,414,836 to Massachusetts customers during the term, or $4.69 in benefits for every program dollar spent. 


“It’s extremely gratifying to see that programs developed through the successful collaboration of Sponsors and state officials are helping our customers and our environment in such a significant way,” said Penni Conner, Senior Vice President and Chief Customer Officer at Eversource.  “As the top-ranked state in the country, Massachusetts continues to set a very high bar with its statewide energy efficiency efforts.” 


The results of the reports also show that during the same three-year period, the energy efficiency programs contributed to cleaner air and significant job growth.  Based on the energy savings between 2013 and 2015, the resulting reductions in greenhouse gas emissions include a reduction of 2,221,558 Short Tons of CO2, or the equivalent of taking 423,961 cars off the road - helping the commonwealth’s efforts to meet the environmental goals set forth in the Clean Energy and Climate Plan.  Additionally, a report issued by the Northeast Energy Efficiency Council found that the energy efficiency programs have helped spur significant job growth and identified more than 7,000 companies participating in the Massachusetts energy efficiency industry today. 


“We applaud our customers for embracing these opportunities to improve their energy productivity and make their homes and businesses more affordable and comfortable,” said Terry Sobolewski, Chief Customer Officer at National Grid.  “We’re thankful to these customers for helping make Massachusetts the most energy-efficient state in the nation. We look forward to continued advancements in energy efficiency, both for our customers and the environment, as we continue to strive toward providing a modern, 21st century experience to our customers.” 


During the 2013-2015 timeframe, the program included striking success in programs directed at lower income customers, helping Massachusetts’ most vulnerable residents lower their energy costs. The low-income program delivery goals were met or exceeded, thanks to the innovative and collaborative partnership between the Sponsors of Mass Save and the Massachusetts Low-Income Service Provider Network, better known as LEAN. “This represents permanent cuts in low-income utility bills,” said LEAN Chairman Elliott Jacobson. “These savings make it possible for families to feed their children adequately and keep them warm, and for seniors to stay in their homes.” 


The Sponsors of Mass Save work cooperatively and collaboratively with the Department of Energy Resources, the Massachusetts Attorney General, and the Energy Efficiency Advisory Council, and appreciate their efforts in advancing energy efficiency in the commonwealth. 


“Through the collaboration of DOER and the Sponsors of Mass Save, Massachusetts ratepayers have continued to see significant benefits from our nation leading energy efficiency programs,” said Department of Energy Resources Commissioner Judith Judson. “As we celebrate the historic success of the 2013-2015 Three-Year Plan, we look to build upon its foundation through the implementation of the even more ambitious 2016-2018 Plan.” 


Building on thirty years of success, the Mass Save programs continued to deliver on increasingly challenging savings goals.  For the 2013-2015 term, the Sponsors developed nation-leading programs that included the incorporation of state-of-the-art new technologies and measures to achieve deeper savings; addressed barriers to participation; and utilized sophisticated data analysis and research techniques including third-party evaluations and the development of a comprehensive, statewide database for energy efficiency data ( 


Working together, the Sponsors look forward to continuing to achieve nation-leading energy savings goals during the ongoing implementation of the third three-year plan following the passage of the Green Communities Act in 2008.  In the 2016-2018 plan, the Sponsors have committed to the nation’s most aggressive savings goals to further the commonwealth’s energy objectives. 


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About Mass Save:

Mass Save® is an initiative sponsored by Massachusetts’ gas and electric utilities and energy efficiency service provider. The Sponsors of Mass Save work closely with the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources to provide a wide range of services, incentives, trainings, and information promoting energy efficiency that help residents and businesses manage energy use and related costs. 



  1. The Massachusetts utilities and energy efficiency service providers, together known as the Sponsors of Mass Save, are:  Berkshire Gas, Cape Light Compact JPE, Eversource, Liberty Utilities, National Grid and Unitil