Transforming the way residents and businesses use energy.
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Through our nationally recognized energy efficiency programs, we are making innovative technologies accessible and affordable to residents and businesses.

Over 65 percent of Massachusetts’s carbon emissions come from our homes, offices, cars, and trucks. Over the next three years, the Sponsors of Mass Save will be working to significantly reduce emissions statewide. One of the ways we’re doing this is by investing in cleaner, electric technologies.

How We’re Helping

  • Offering incentives on electric, high-efficiency heat pump technologies, including air source, ground source, and variable refrigerant flow heat pumps
  • Focusing on weatherization —a foundational measure that reduces energy use and prepares residential and commercial buildings for electrification 
  • Training and working directly with contractors and manufacturers to promote and install electric technologies

  • Making clean energy technologies available to low-income and underserved communities 

  • Pursuing additional opportunities to bolster electrification—including residential and commercial lawn equipment, forklifts, induction stoves, and other small engine-driven equipment