Mass Save Climate Leaders

Recognizing local leaders for outstanding efforts to create a greener energy future.

About the Mass Save Climate Leaders

The Sponsors of Mass Save are proud to designate the Mass Save Climate Leaders - a distinguished recognition for significant investments in energy efficiency and ongoing sustainability efforts to curb energy use and lead Massachusetts to a net zero future.

Mass Save Climate Leaders represent a range of industries, including education, grocery, healthcare, hospitality, municipalities, and more. Each winner has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to the planet by:

  • Leveraging the expertise and incentives offered by the Sponsors of Mass Save to reduce their carbon footprint, curb greenhouse gas emissions, and increase energy efficiency
  • Implementing operational changes to increase energy efficiency and in some cases, investing in on-site renewable energy
  • Impacting their communities in a positive way by leading as environmentally conscious organizations

Meet the Winners

Learn more about the innovative ways the winners curbed energy use.