Mass Save® Sponsors Highlight Benefits Delivered to Advance Decarbonization Efforts in The Path to Carbon Neutral Report

March 28, 2024

Comprehensive annual report highlights reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and equitable energy savings in 2023

BOSTON (March 28, 2024) – The Mass Save® Sponsors today released The Path to Carbon Neutral Report, a comprehensive annual report detailing how the nation-leading energy efficiency programs meaningfully reduced greenhouse gas emissions and equitably delivered robust energy savings for customers across Massachusetts in 2023.

In 2023, the programs resulted in 223,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) avoided that will contribute to the state’s 2030 climate goal. That is equivalent to taking over 53,000 gasoline-powered passenger vehicles off the road for one year. Other cumulative results included:

  • $2.35 billion in total benefits
  • 63 million MMBtus savings from all fuel types, which equates to offsetting the total energy use of more than 718,000 Massachusetts homes for one year
  • 3.2 million MWh in electric savings
  • 361 million therms saved
  • 93 MW summer demand savings
  • $755 million in incentives paid
  • 14k rental units served
  • 22k commercial and industrial participants
  • 28k homes with heat pumps installed
  • 55.5k homes weatherized

The Sponsors also advanced efforts to strengthen and diversify the energy efficiency workforce by increasing engagement with minority- and women-owned business enterprises, doubling participation in the Heat Pump Installer Network from 2022, creating 25 internship opportunities through the Clean Energy Pathways program, and distributing more than $150,000 in grant funding through the Mass Save Workforce Partnership program.

The Sponsors increased access for customers with historically low participation rates such as renters and people who speak languages other than English. Among a variety of programs focused on closing those gaps, the Sponsors expanded the Community First Partnership program to 52 communities in 2023. The Sponsors provide up to $60,000 in financial support per year to each of the Community First Partners to incentivize participation in energy efficiency initiatives.

“As administrators of nation-leading energy efficiency programs, we are committed to an equitable and inclusive clean energy future for residents and businesses throughout Massachusetts,” said Christopher Porter, Director of Customer Energy Management, at National Grid. “Advancing the state’s decarbonization goals are front and center as we enter the final year of our current plan.”

“Mass Save programs continued to offer energy efficiency solutions to customers in 2023, such as weatherizing 55,500 homes and installing heat pump in 28,000 homes, to push Massachusetts forward,” said Tilak Subrahmanian, Vice President of Energy Efficiency and Electric Mobility, at Eversource. “Program achievements, including $2.35 billion in total benefits while delivering on emissions reduction and decarbonization goals, are possible due to buy-in from customers, vendors, regulators, and businesses. We thank those involved for their role building a cleaner, more energy-efficient future.”

“The City of Lowell appreciates the leadership and support of the Sponsors of Mass Save,” said Katherine Moses, Sustainability Director, City of Lowell. “Their offerings on municipal, residential, and commercial levels are helping our community take the first steps to ensure a just and equitable energy transition.”

The Sponsors acknowledge the efforts of many stakeholders that helped drive success in 2023. In particular, the Sponsors express their appreciation for the work of the Massachusetts Energy Efficiency Advisory Council (EEAC) and its leaders at the Department of Energy Resources, along with the members of the Equity Working Group and the Commercial & Industrial Working Group.

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The Mass Save Sponsors are administering the final year of the 2022–2024 Energy Efficiency Plan, approved by the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities. This plan encompasses an increased emphasis on workforce development involving a new internship program, enhanced incentives for customers to displace fossil-heating systems with electrification options, and a robust package of grants and programs to support customers living in environmental justice communities.

About Mass Save®:

Mass Save® is a collaborative of Massachusetts’ electric and natural gas utilities and energy efficiency service providers including Berkshire Gas, Cape Light Compact, Eversource, Liberty, National Grid, and Unitil. We empower residents, businesses, and communities to make energy efficient upgrades by offering a wide range of services, rebates, incentives, trainings, and information.

We respectfully ask that Mass Save is referred to as “the Sponsors of Mass Save,” or “the Mass Save Sponsors,” to reflect the participation of all utility and energy efficiency service providers within the collaborative. For more information, please visit