Together, we make good happen.

The Sponsors of Mass Save are transforming the way Massachusetts residents and businesses use energy—saving money and creating a better, more sustainable future.

Massachusetts is leading the charge


Within the next three years, we are making it our mission to reduce the demand for energy and CO2 even more than we already have.
New Technologies

We're piloting and investing in new, innovative technologies—like electric vehicles, energy storage, heat pumps for heating and cooling, and more.

Workforce Development

We're building and investing in a new workforce—offering best-in-class trainings and accelerating the number of energy efficient jobs across the state.

New Building Standards

We're helping create buildings that are smarter, more efficient, and resilient—even ones that have annual energy bills of $0.

Mass Reach

We're helping everyone within our power save energy and money—from our renters, to non-English speaking residents, to homeowners, and more.

Find a Contractor

It's easy to find a trained heating and cooling (HVAC) contractor, and insulation, and air sealing specialists.


Massachusetts Family using a tablet to find energy efficiency programs