Shine Bright this New Year with LEDs

December 27, 2017

Although you always want your home to feel warm and inviting, it’s especially true this time of year when you’re hosting friends and family for fun, festive gatherings. Dull lighting and outdated fixtures can put a damper on the ambience of a room and curb appeal of your home. This coming year, shine bright by replacing your inefficient bulbs and fixtures with these modern, energy-efficient LED options.

Show Off Your Style

Worried about sacrificing your individual taste for energy-efficient lighting? Have no fear, the future of LEDs is here! Today there are several options for LED fixtures to help you match any number of decorating styles. From recessed cans to pendants to wall sconces, ENERGY STAR® certified LED fixtures are available in many sizes and designs: that means you can brighten your kitchen prep space, add ambience to your dining areas, and cozy up your living room – all without having to settle for fixtures that don’t support the look and feel you want in your home.

While there are plenty of traditional LED fixtures available, there are also many innovative designs, too. Check out some of these winners of the Lighting for Tomorrow competition! No matter which you prefer, all ENERGY STAR® certified LED fixtures come with the same energy-saving benefits: they use up to 90% less energy than those that rely on incandescent bulbs and last up to 25 times longer.

But, the fixture doesn’t necessarily have to be the center of attention. Bulb styles are evolving to become key features in room design. You can add the perfect, thoughtful touch to a room when you add something that’s different and eye-catching. Edison-style LED bulbs do just that by providing a vintage feel, while still providing you with the same energy efficiency benefits. To find other great tips for using LEDs to showcase your home’s style this holiday season and beyond, check out our interview with local design firm, Lisa Scheff Designs.


Get Smart

With so many fun, functional features, smart LED bulbs continue to grow in popularity each year. With smart LEDs, you can turn your lights on and off from your phone, and often can adjust the brightness and color temperature, too. Most smart bulbs also come with the ability to create a schedule, so you can set your lights to adjust automatically throughout the day. Using these bulbs is a terrific way to delight your guests this year with your tech-savviness, while secretly saving energy. Find these state-of-the-art bulbs at your local retailer to take advantage of special pricing, made possible by the sponsors of Mass Save®.


Bring the Light Outside

You’ve read a lot about lighting for inside your home, but what about outside? With guests coming in and out of your house – often while passing over icy, snowy walkways – it’s especially important to keep your outdoor spaces well-lit. LED bulbs and fixtures provide a perfect solution. Unlike compact fluorescent bulbs, which struggle to gain full brightness during the cold New England winters, LED bulbs turn on brightly and instantly. Plus, they’re long-lasting – with lifespans of up to 20 years – so you can avoid the hassle of having to frequently venture into the cold to change hard-to-reach bulbs. Just be sure that the bulbs you purchase are designed for outdoor use and compatible with your fixtures by following these simple four tips.


DIY Projects

If you find yourself snowed-in, consider taking the time for a fun, do-it-yourself lighting project! On our Pinterest page, you will find plenty of ideas for using LEDs to create inviting and energy-efficient living spaces. Whether you’re looking for simple ideas to brighten a room or in search of more hands-on projects for crafting eye-catching lighting fixtures, our page has plenty of examples that are always both energy-efficient and beautifully fashioned.

So, this coming year, spread some cheer, joy, and light throughout your home by updating to LED bulbs and fixtures. They’ll be sure to add a touch of style inside your home and create safer, more functional outdoor spaces. And when you’re looking for some reading to enjoy under your new lighting, turn to our comprehensive Lighting eBook. You’ll find out just how many benefits you gifted yourself by making these lighting upgrades!

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