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Built-in savings in classic and modern styles

ENERGY STAR® certified light fixtures are designed to save money and lower energy consumption – using up to 90 percent less than incandescent or halogen lighting. They offer high efficiency while providing the same quality of light.


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A Light Fixture for Every Need

ENERGY STAR certified LED fixtures are available in just about any style and application you can image – from classic to innovative, modern designs, indoor and outdoor lights, and both portable and hard-wired home lighting options. Because LED lighting can last for more than 50,000 hours of use – which, at three hours a day, is more than 50 years – LED fixtures can be designed for use with replaceable bulbs or integrated lighting. When using integrated lighting, fixtures don’t need to accommodate the traditional shape of a bulb, allowing for many different styles and sleeker, slimmer designs. Integrated lighting can also use differently shaped light sources, which can provide smoother, more evenly-dispersed light for fixtures, such as bathroom light bars.

In addition to a wide variety of designs and beautiful light, ENERGY STAR certified LED light fixtures provide many functional conveniences. There are numerous dimmable options and most outdoor fixtures are compatible with daylight and motions sensors. Some may even have these features built in. LED lighting also produces about 90 percent less heat than incandescent lighting, which is preferable for many applications, including task lighting, where you often work directly under the light and can feel the heat.

ENERGY STAR certified lighting fixtures can also offer the light color and temperature of your choice, from warm yellow to crisp white to bright daylight. You can select the light color to match the use and colors of your rooms. Warm light helps to bring out warm colors while whiter lights help make whites and cooler colors look their best.


How ENERGY STAR Certified Light Fixtures Save Energy

ENERGY STAR certified light fixtures are more energy-efficient because they use light emitting diode (LED) bulbs or light sources, which convert up to 90 percent of the energy used directly into light, unlike incandescent and halogen lighting that convert most of their energy into heat. LED lighting can produce the same bright, warm light as incandescent light, but without the heat, allowing it to use a fraction of the energy. ENERGY STAR certified light fixtures can also offer the light color and temperature of your choice, setting a mood from warm to cool.

Light fixtures that are ENERGY STAR certified meet strict criteria to ensure that you don’t have to sacrifice performance to save energy. Every ENERGY STAR certified light fixture carries at least a three-year warranty.

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