Heat Pump Rebates 

 Install a high-efficiency heat pump system—and save energy year-round
Heat Pump outside a Massachusetts Business

Heat pump systems offer both heating and cooling in your business space. The Sponsors of Mass Save® are making the purchase and installation of energy-efficient heat pumps more affordable for Massachusetts businesses.

The Sponsors offer rebates based on equipment capacity (tonnage) to commercial customers who install heat pumps to supplement or replace a pre-existing oil, propane, natural gas, or electric resistance heating system.


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Equipment Type Efficiency Requirements Rebate Amount 
Air Source Heat Pumps Refer to MassSave.com/CIHPQPL $2,500 per ton
Air Source Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Heat Pump $3,500 per ton
Ground Source – Ground Water Heat Pump or Ground Loop Heat Pump $4,500 per ton
NOTE: Projects exceeding 150 tons in total require pre-approval for Cape Light Compact, Eversource and National Grid customers, and for projects exceeding 50 tons in total require pre-approval for Berkshire Gas, Liberty Utilities and Unitil customers.



  • Offers valid only for commercial customers in Massachusetts where Berkshire Gas, Cape Light Compact, Eversource, Liberty Utilities, National Grid, or Unitil is the Program Sponsor. Where natural gas is the existing space heating source being displaced/replaced with an eligible heat pump, the commercially metered natural gas account must be through a Mass Save Sponsor (electricity can be provided through any electric provider in this scenario).
  • Equipment must be installed between January 1, 2022 and December 31, 2022
  • Equipment must be installed by a licensed contractor
  • Equipment must be qualified, listed with and certified by the Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) and must meet the minimum requirements outlined in the tables above. Refer to MassSave.com/CIHPQPL  for a list of qualified models or reach out to [email protected] before installation if units are not listed by AHRI or found on the QPL.
    • Please note that a Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system must follow the AHRI Standard 1230 (and be noted on the AHRI certificate), and an individual system’s cooling capacity must be greater than 65,000 btu/h to be eligible for the VRF rebate.
  • Equipment must be used for heating and cooling and must supplement or replace oil, propane, natural gas, or electric resistance as primary heating system
    • Installations that are partially displacing oil, propane, or natural gas must either install an integrated control from the Mass Save Integrated Control QPL or must certify that an existing building control system is capable of operating both the heat pump and conventional heating system in parallel
  • Completed rebate form and required documentation must be submitted no later than February 28, 2023


Contact your Mass Save Sponsor prior to installation if:

  • The proposed project is more than 150 tons (1,800,000 btu/h) for Cape Light Compact, Eversource or National Grid customers, or more than 50 tons (600,000 btu/h) for Berkshire Gas, Liberty Utilities or Unitil customers
  • The proposed project is for a new building being constructed or a major renovation. For more information, visit MassSave.com/CINCMR
  • The proposed is for a multi-family building, as rebate eligibility depends on the metering of facility
  • The heat pumps that are being installed will be using a hydronic or water-loop internal to the building (i.e., not a ground loop) as a heat source/sink
  • You or your contractor has questions about project eligibility
  • Please email [email protected] with a completed application form if you would like a Rebate Commitment Letter prior to purchasing heat pump equipment


Please note: Equipment installation may be subject to an onsite verification. Equipment that has already received a rebate from a Mass Save Sponsor or is being installed in a new construction or major renovation project is not eligible for a rebate. See Terms & Conditions for full requirements.

Weatherization at your facility is important to help ensure proper heat pump operation. To sign up for an energy assessment to assess your weatherization needs, please contact your Mass Save Sponsor via the Find Your Sponsor tool.

C&I Heat Pump installers now have free access to online courses. The Mass Save Energy Efficiency Learning Center (EELC) is an online distance learning portal which features trainings on technical topics, best practices, sales and marketing, and more. The EELC offers a growing selection of training and resources to enhance your participation in energy efficiency programs, brought to you by the Sponsors of Mass Save®. Register now to browse the catalog of courses, modules added to your training list can be started, paused and resumed on your schedule. To register for the EELC, please click here.

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