Heating & Cooling

Lower heating and cooling costs with improvements to existing systems or upgrade to new, more efficient electrification technologies. 
Heating and cooling are the largest business energy expenses. By upgrading to higher efficiency systems, businesses can enjoy long-term reduced energy costs, decrease equipment maintenance time, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and create a comfortable work environment.

If your business is interested in Combined Heat and Power (CHP) solutions, please contact your Program Sponsor.

Case Study: Gentex Optics

Gentex Optics, the world’s leading provider of eyeglass lenses, saved $142,274 annually by replacing three existing process chillers with energy-efficient equipment and process controls.

Fitchburg Art Museum

Case Study: Fitchburg Art Museum

The goal was to enhance the overall patron experience, including comfort, prompting the Museum to embark on a major heating and cooling upgrade of its facility.

Case Study: Dakin Humane Society

A community-supported animal welfare organization saved $48,883 annually by replacing their boiler and upgrading other building equipment.

Not Sure Where to Start?

If you’re looking for advice on how to save energy, the Sponsors of Mass Save offer energy assessments and guidance to support efficiency projects from start to finish.

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