Packaged Terminal Heat Pumps

Reduce operating costs by upgrading your building’s existing PTAC units with efficient Packaged Terminal Heat Pumps.
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By replacing old inefficient Packaged Terminal Air Conditioning (PTAC) units with a Packaged Terminal Heat Pump (PTHP) you can reduce your building’s heating and cooling costs significantly.

Conventional PTAC units are often found in hotel and motel rooms and offer individualized temperature control. Older PTAC systems use electric resistance coils which is one of the most expensive ways to heat a space. Packaged Terminal Heat Pumps (PTHPs) utilize heat pump technology and are three times as efficient as PTAC units, helping you reduce your business’ energy costs.

Packaged Terminal Heat Pumps Incentives
Sector Size Category 2023 Customer Discount*
Commercial < 10,000 BTU/h 12.1 3.5 $500/unit
> 10,000 BTU/h 10.7 3.1

*This amount is applied as a discount off the total purchase price to the purchaser via a line item on the sales invoice from participating distributors.

  • Offers valid only for commercial customers in Massachusetts where Cape Light Compact, Eversource, National Grid, or Unitil is the Program Sponsor.
  • Must have a licensed contractor purchase and install eligible equipment
  • Equipment must be purchased from a participating distributor. Call 617-440-5467 or email [email protected] to find a participating distributor.
  • Your contractor must provide the installation address and site information to the distributor to obtain the incentive
  • You cannot already be receiving an incentive for the PTHP units through another program from the Sponsors of Mass Save
  1. Determine Your PTHP Need
    Contact your contractor to determine the needs for your business.
  2. Find a Participating Distributor
    Locate participating distributors who can work with you and your contractor to identify the right type of high-efficiency equipment for your business.
  3. Receive Incentive
    The incentive will be automatically applied at the point of purchase and noted on the invoice.

Not Sure Where To Start?

If you’re looking for advice on how to save energy, the Sponsors of Mass Save offer energy assessments and guidance to support efficiency projects from start to finish.

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