Sustainable Office Design

Now offering incentives on high-performance lighting for commercial office spaces.

Sustainable Office Design (SOD) provides high-performance lighting solutions to leased commercial offices, including:

  • Higher energy savings by moving beyond basic fixture replacement approaches to a high-performance/human centric design solution that meets or exceeds IECC 2015 code
  • An incentive of $0.50 per square foot of leased space (net of common areas) for energy efficient lighting and controls if eligibility criteria are met
  • A quick one-month turnaround timeline for application review and incentive delivery
  • An incentive of up to 20 percent of the total incentive amount (up to $5,000)* for a Lighting Designer to ensure optimal engineering and design

Note: To be eligible, Lighting Designers must be current members of the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) or be certified as LC (Lighting Certified), a CLEP (Certified Lighting Efficiency Professional), or a CLD (Certified Lighting Designer). The lighting designer must design, engineer, or install the lighting. The lighting designer may not profit solely from the sale of the lighting.

Benefits for Building Owners

  • Save on operating costs (where applicable)
  • Help attain LEED or ENERGY STAR® certification
  • Improve customer service to tenants
  • Enhance your sustainability branding in the market

Benefits for Tenants

  • Save on operating costs (where lease permits)
  • Meet corporate sustainability goals
  • Enhance your brand and corporate reputation
  • Contribute to LEED CI credits (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Commercial Interiors)
  • Improve the quality of the space
  • Increase employee satisfaction and productivity

Next Steps

View the application or portal for complete eligibility details and Terms and Conditions.

Note: Columbia Gas customers, please visit the Columbia Gas website for applications and information.




Contact your Mass Save Sponsor before purchasing and installing any equipment, or for more information:

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Eligibility Guidelines

The $0.50/square foot incentive is available to either the building owner or tenant for commercial real estate tenant improvement (TI) projects that meet these criteria:

  • Minimum Space Requirement: 7,500 square feet
  • Maximum Space Requirement: 50,000 square feet
  • Open Office Component: > 40 percent
  • Partition Heights: < 48 inches
  • Lighting Power Density (LPD): < 0.6 watts per square foot
  • Control Density: < 250 square feet per control point

Success Stories

Here are two examples of how Sustainable Office Design improves facilities and reduces energy costs:

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