Equipment & Systems Performance Optimization (ESPO)

Ensure equipment performs its best with retro-commissioning and monitoring services.
Optimize your building's equipment settings for your current needs.

The Sponsors of Mass Save’s ESPO services help prolong the life of equipment and ensure building systems are performing at their best. Simply making equipment run as intended can significantly improve energy savings.

We offer four options designed to fit your business’s resources, needs, and savings goals.

Whether you just want to tune-up a few pieces of equipment, or you'd rather take a comprehensive whole-building approach, we can help.

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Low-Cost Tuning Measures

This option is best for businesses or facilities looking to make simplistic sequence improvements on a few pieces of equipment. Examples of approved projects include tuning anti-sweat controls, cycling evaporator fans, and lowering condensing pressure.

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Targeted Systems Tuning

If your business has several pieces of equipment in the same system that need attention, consider targeted systems tuning. Examples of approved building or process system projects include system airflow management, waste energy recovery, and scheduling/setpoint optimization.

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Whole Building & Process Tuning

To tune your whole building or processes, this option offers control optimization for commercial and industrial customers that consume more than 5,000,000 kWh annually and have a functional controls system in place.

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Monitoring-Based Commissioning

Ensure equipment, systems, or building conditions continue to operate at their optimal efficiency through continuous monitoring and analysis of building data and tune-ups.

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