The Sponsors of Mass Save® Trial an Instant Rebate Program

The Sponsors of Mass Save – Cape Light Compact, Eversource, National Grid, and Unitil – are excited to trial an instant rebate program. This offer is specifically for ENERGY STAR® certified dehumidifiers purchased in-store at Lowe’s. For a limited-time, you can get $30 off the purchase of your new unit – with the deduction taken right at the register!

So, how do you participate in this special offer? All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to your local Lowe’s store and select an ENERGY STAR certified dehumidifier.
  2. Before you reach the register, activate your rebate code by either scanning this QR code, texting APPLY to 413-422-6226, or by going to the online form. Once there, enter your information to check your eligibility, as this offer is only for residential electric customers of the participating Mass Save Sponsors. Once approved, you will receive a text message with the link to access your instant rebate code. (You can do this before you get to the store if you prefer.)
  3. Proceed to checkout and show the cashier the code to scan.

Voilà! The $30 rebate will be automatically applied to your dehumidifier purchase. Your receipt will include a line showing the rebate was applied. The rebate record will also be documented electronically in the rebate system so that units purchased with the instant rebate cannot also receive a second rebate via mail or online.

You don’t want to miss out on this convenient chance to save! This offer is similar to the standard $30 rebate on new dehumidifiers, but the savings arrive faster. Instead of having to complete and submit a rebate form online or by mail and wait 4-6 weeks for the rebate to arrive by mail, this instant rebate is applied in-store at the time of purchase.

In addition to the immediate savings of $30 off the purchase price, you’ll also experience long-term energy savings. ENERGY STAR certified dehumidifiers use 28 percent less energy than non-certified models, which means you’re saving energy and money! Over the lifetime of your new certified unit, you could save over $300 in energy costs.

Year-round, the Mass Save Sponsors offer rebates on energy-efficient appliances to make it easier for customers to choose those models over more energy-intensive options. The Sponsors work together to make the rebate process as simple and efficient as possible for customers. To that end, the Sponsors are currently trialing this instant rebate program in the hopes of creating an even better experience for customers like you.

As Sponsors, we’re excited about this advancement and hope you feel similarly. We’re eager to hear your feedback! If you purchase a qualifying dehumidifier at Lowe’s as part of this special offer, please let us know what you think of the instant rebate process by sending us a message on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Don’t forget that the Sponsors of Mass Save also offer rebates for recycling dehumidifiers! If you’re in the market for a new one and are interested in using the instant rebate but would like to dispose of your old unit, too, check out our list of upcoming recycling events. With more events being added for this fall, we are excited to continue to help Mass Save customers dispose of their old dehumidifiers responsibly – not to mention we will give you a $30 rebate for your participation.

Stay tuned for more news on Mass Save rebates and be sure to check out the limited-time instant rebate offer for certified dehumidifiers at a Lowe’s near you!

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