Save Money with Advanced Power Strips

December 20, 2021

Today’s modern technology has embedded itself into every aspect of our daily lives. From Wi-Fi enabled TVs and virtual reality gaming systems, to Bluetooth speakers and robot vacuums, our electronics have become increasingly complex with newer versions hitting the market every day. With numerous cords and limited outlets in your home, you’ve probably enlisted the support of a power strip to help power all your devices. While technology around us advances, power strips, up until recently, have remained relatively unchanged. Thankfully, now there are advanced power strips to replace older models that help you save on energy costs.

With a sleeker design and convenient features, the newer advanced power strips come in two different models, Tier 1 and Tier 2. A Tier 2 is roughly three times the cost of a Tier 1 because it features an additional sensor and more complex electronics. A Tier 2 can generate more savings over time by sensing user engagement and powering your electronics off accordingly.

Here are some ways in which advanced power strips can save you money and improve your home electronics setup:

  1. Better Surge Protection – With state-of-the-art surge protection, you can keep your favorite devices safe from electrical spikes. No more having to repair or replace your electronics due to a power surge.
  2. Reduction in Standby Power Loss – Even when your electronics are turned off, they continue to use—and waste—energy. Features like LED indicator lights continue to draw energy even while the device is powered down. Advanced power strips cut off all power to electronics and their supporting devices when they’re not in use, which prevents standby power loss. For devices that need to always remain on, like cable boxes or DVRs, advanced power strips feature a separate “always on” outlet.
  3. Reduction in Active Energy Waste – A Tier 2 has what’s known as an infrared remote (IR) sensor to detect motion in the room. Situations where you fall asleep watching TV or leave a room without powering down your gaming system are examples of when this IR sensor comes in handy. When no motion is detected for a set amount of time, the Tier 2 automatically shuts off idle electronics and their supporting devices. By avoiding standby power loss and active energy waste, a Tier 2 can double your energy savings when compared to a Tier 1.
  4. Lifetime Warranty – What’s even better about advanced power strips is that most come with a lifetime warranty, so you never have to worry about purchasing a replacement.

With electronic devices getting more and more advanced year after year, it’s good to know that power strips are finally catching up. Check out the infographic below to learn about the Tier 2 — the most technologically advanced power strip available today.

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