Advanced Power Strips – Tier 2

Smarter control of your electronics.

You can save up to $300 in energy costs over five years with tier 2 advanced power strips. They reduce energy waste by cutting power to your electronics when you’re not using them.

Tier 2 advanced power strips help you cut both active and standby power loss. Active power waste occurs when electronics are turned on, but no one is using them – for example, when you fall asleep with the TV on. Standby power loss is the wasted energy used by electronics when they are turned off but still plugged in. A tier 2 advanced power strip can save twice as much as a tier 1 advanced power strip.

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How do tier 2 advanced power strips work?

A tier 2 advanced power strip has similar features as a tier 1 advanced power strip, but also includes either an infrared or motion sensor that detects if electronics are not being used and turns them off. If you’re concerned about your devices turning off while you’re using them (like when you’re watching a movie), you can adjust the delay to better fit your usage.

Controlled Outlets Always On Outlets Sensor

For the devices that do not require constant power (like TVs)

For devices that do require constant power (like DVRs) Turns off devices plugged into the controlled outlets when they are not in active use and/or there is no movement in the room for a certain period of time

A tier 2 advanced power strip is ideal for home entertainment centers. Consider using a tier 2 advanced power strip if you leave video games on for a long time, fall asleep watching TV or movies, forget to turn off your electronics, or are looking for new, innovative ways to save.

Example home entertainment center set up:
Advanced Power Set up


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