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April 25, 2018

We’ve all dreamed of the future where the coffee machine turns on as soon as you shut off your alarm, groceries are automatically ordered as your fridge becomes empty, and your favorite song plays when you walk through the door after coming home from work.

These dreams are now a reality thanks to Wi-Fi-enabled smart home products that make our lives convenient, cozy, and even less costly. Wi-Fi thermostats can do all three, and for that reason they are some of the most sought after smart home products.

According to research from UC Davis, the majority of people haven’t programmed their thermostat. Most people manually adjust the temperature, often forgetting to adjust the temperature when they go to work, which can waste energy all day on heating or cooling that’s not even being used.

Wi-Fi thermostats offer an intuitive way to program the ideal temperatures for your home. They can be controlled by an app on your phone or through your home’s voice assistant if you have one (Amazon Alexa or Google Home, for example), while some even adjust automatically based on your schedule and/or the current weather conditions.

Easy to use means it’s easy to save on energy as much as $180 annuallyas you dial up the comfort while you’re at home and cut back on heating and cooling when you’re not.

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