Energy Efficiency Tricks & Treats

October 18, 2017

This Halloween don’t get spooked by ghosts, monsters, or your energy costs! Spare the scare, the dollars, and the energy waste with these fun energy efficiency tricks and treats.

Bright Bulbs = Scared Monsters

Got goblins? Upgrade to ENERGY STAR® certified LED bulbs to scare them off! Once the light hits the goblins, they will turn to stone! With that threat, they will be sure to stay away this fall.

No goblins around, but spotting a werewolf or two? Contrary to the belief that they appear only during a full moon, werewolves appear relatively frequently at night in October and early November. The good news is that, even after dark, werewolves cannot stand synthetic light. So just by updating your outdoor lighting to energy-efficient LED bulbs, you can fend off these monsters!

LEDs have other benefits, too. These bulbs are over 80% more energy-efficient and up to 20 times longer-lasting than incandescent bulbs; plus, unlike compact fluorescent bulbs, LEDs perform well in the cold. Just make sure to look for LEDs specifically designed for outdoor use. They’ll be labeled damp- or wet-rated on the package, which indicates their ability to handle exposure to moisture. Be sure to check out discounts on ENERGY STAR certified LEDs, made possible through the Sponsors of Mass Save®, by visiting our online storefront or finding retailers near you.

Goblins and werewolves aside, this season is really all about having fun! Dress up your home for your Halloween party with ENERGY STAR certified LED decorative lights or vintage Edison LED bulbs, or even try out colored, Wi-Fi connected LEDs and put on a show for the trick-or-treaters in your neighborhood by switching up the colors all from the touch of your phone!

Say “Boo” to Energy Waste

Avoid being haunted by the phantom this year – the phantom LOAD that is. Phantom load is the lingo we use to categorize the energy drawn out by appliances when they are in standby mode and not in use. The U.S. Department of Energy says that on average 75 percent of the electricity used to power residential appliances and electronics is consumed when the products are not in use.

Protect your family from the phantom load by purchasing a tier 2 advanced power strip (APS). Not only will a tier 2 APS automatically turn off home electronics when they are left idle for a given period of time, but they will also cut off power to supporting devices. For instance, when you leave your TV running when you’re not in the room, a tier 2 APS will cut power to your TV and accessory devices, such as DVD players or gaming systems. To learn more about how a tier 2 APS works, check out this video; then take advantage of instant rebates by locating a unit to purchase through our store finder or online storefront.

But beware! It’s not just your appliances that can be an energy drain. Secure your home from frigid air – and unwelcome spirits – by sealing off leaks in drafty areas! Sealing leaks is a key step in better managing your home’s heating and cooling needs. After completing a no-cost Home Energy Assessment, you may even be eligible for a discount of up to 75 percent on approved insulation improvements. It’s that easy – you don’t need to be a Ghostbuster to keep your home comfortable and spirit-free!

Thanks to these tricks and treats, there are plenty of ways to prepare to save energy this fall and winter. With so many options available for LED lighting, there’s no reason why you can’t put on a spooky spectacle for your neighbors and friends that is just as energy-efficient as it is impressive. Plus, while you’re enjoying the night, you can save energy indoors too with easy upgrades, like switching to advanced power strips. So, this Halloween have fun, be safe, and prepare for those monsters!

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