Rebates for Adding New or Replacing End-of-Life Equipment

Find rebates for high efficiency equipment that you are adding into your building, or replacing because it has reached the end of its useful life.

  • Bright Opportunities Upstream Lighting – Electric

    Discounted pricing and rebates are available for energy-efficient commercial lighting systems without an application.

  • Food Service Equipment – Gas and Electric

    With energy-efficient stoves, refrigerators and more, restaurants and other food service facilities can cut energy costs by 10 to 30 percent.

  • Heating Equipment - Gas

    Get incentives on high-efficiency heating equipment and controls such as gas furnaces and wireless thermostats.

  • Commercial Water Heaters - Gas

    To ensure customers receive the benefits of high efficiency, the Sponsors of Mass Save have created the Commercial and Industrial Water Heater Initiative, a market transformation initiative designed to promote and improve the availability of high efficiency commercial water heaters.

  • Commercial and Industrial HVAC - Electric

    Get incentives on qualifying high-efficiency electric HVAC systems for your commercial facility.

  • Compressed Air - Electric

    Purchasing energy-efficient compressed air equipment is one of the best ways industrial companies can lower their electric bills.

  • Chillers - Electric

    Today’s energy-efficient chiller technology can greatly reduce the cost of a building’s cooling and industrial processes.

  • Variable Speed Drives - Electric

    When applied to industrial motors, pumps and fans, VSDs can yield energy-savings of up to 35 percent.

  • Custom Projects - Gas and Electric

    For those one-of-kind projects, custom incentives on energy-efficient HVAC and lighting systems can save you up to 75 percent.

  • Commercial Battery-Powered Lawn Equipment

    Receive rebates on eligible battery-powered lawn equipment such as lawnmowers, string trimmers, leaf blowers and chainsaws.

  • Commercial Weatherization

    Upgrade your building's insulation seal cracks in the attic, and lock in savings.

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