Cold Storage & Lab Grade Equipment

Save energy with lab grade high-efficiency equipment.
Cold Storage
The Sponsors of Mass Save offer rebates on ENERGY STAR® certified cold storage products. For participating commercial customers, this means more affordable, energy-efficient models and savings on operating costs.
Equipment Type Customer Incentive
Lab-Grade High Performance Refrigerators ≥6 and <25 cu.ft.
Lab-Grade High Performance Refigerators ≥25 and <44 cu.ft.
Lab-Grade High Performance Refigerators ≥44 cu.ft.
Lab-Grade High Performance Freezers ≥6 and <22 cu.ft.
Lab-Grade High Performance Freezers ≤22 cu.ft.
Ultra-Low Temp Freezers >6 cu.ft.  $2,000/unit
  1. Find a Participating Distributor
    Locate participating distributors who can work with you and your contractor to identify the right type of qualifying equipment for your business.
  2. Receive Instant Discount
    Confirm your equipment will be installed at a non-residential facility that is serviced by one of the Sponsors of Mass Save and is not already receiving an incentive for this equipment through another program. The rebate will be applied as a discount on your invoice.

    If you have questions about how to participate, please contact the Program Implementer:

    Energy Solutions
    [email protected]

For projects incorporating other high-efficiency lab grade equipment, demand control lab exhaust, or more, consult your Program Sponsor for a customized solution to savings.

  • Must be an existing commercial customer of Cape Light Compact, Eversource, National Grid, or Unitil
  • Equipment must be purchased from a participating distributor 
  • Equipment must be listed on the ENERGY STAR® products list and meet the minimum program requirements

Case Study: Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

This teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School improved safety and optimized the operation of their laboratories with demand control ventilation upgrades.

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Not Sure Where To Start?

If you're looking for advice on how to save energy, the Sponsors of Mass Save offer energy assessments and guidance to support efficiency projects from start to finish.

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