No-cost Home Energy Assessments for Landlords (1-4 units)

Lower your energy and maintenance costs the easy way.

The Sponsors of Mass Save® offer convenient in-person or virtual Home Energy Assessments to help you improve the energy efficiency of your 1-4 unit rental property and keep your tenants comfortable.


Home Energy Assessments allow you to:

  • Connect with an Energy Specialist to help you find energy-saving opportunities
  • A custom home energy report highlighting the rebates and incentives you qualify for
    • Access to a special limited time offer of 100% off approved insulation upgrades, exclusive to renters and landlords
    • Get generous rebates on heating, cooling, and water heating equipment, incentives to address barriers to weatherization, such as knob and tube wiring, and more along with access to 0% financing
    • Receive recommended no-cost energy-saving products, such as advanced power strips, low-flow showerheads, faucet aerators and programmable thermostats or discounted smart thermostats


During your Home Energy Assessment, your Energy Specialist will qualify your home for rebates and incentives. Those may include:

  • No-cost targeted air sealing of leaks in drafty areas of your property
  • An instant incentive of 100% off insulation upgrades for your rental property for a limited time
  • Generous rebates of up to $25,000 on qualifying energy-efficient heating, cooling, and water heating equipment and clothes washers
  • The opportunity to apply for 0% financing for eligible upgrades
  • Up to $5,000 to help address health and safety issues associated with insulation and air sealing upgrades recommended during a Home Energy Assessment of the rental unit. Offer valid for renter-occupied units in building with 2-4 units only. Single-family rentals and owner-occupied units do not qualify



Three Paths to Energy Savings

Not sure where to start?

Call 866-527-SAVE (7283) to schedule your no-cost Home Energy Assessment with an Energy Specialist from a Lead Vendor: CET, CLEAResult or RISE. Insulation and air sealing work is then completed by participating Independent Installation Contractor (IIC).


One-stop shop

Choose a participating Home Performance Contractor to complete your no-cost Home Energy Assessment. The same contractor will also complete the insulation and air sealing work.


Direct weatherization

If you know your property needs insulation and/or air sealing, and are looking to quickly access incentives, consider the direct weatherization path. Skip the Home Energy Assessment and work with a participating Direct Weatherization Independent Installation Contractor to scope out your project and access incentives.


*Berkshire Gas and Liberty customers are served by Lead Vendor and Installation Contractor(IIC), only.

**Home Performance Contractors (HPC) may also be able to offer other energy efficiency services such as HVAC equipment installation, solar, and windows (negotiated directly between the customer and the HPC).


To schedule your no-cost Home Energy Assessment, start by calling 866-527-7283. Or if you prefer to work with one of our approved Home Performance Contractors, find a contractor near you.
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Request a virtual assessment by filling a form here.

Get Started

Call 1-866-527-SAVE (7283) to schedule your virtual Home Energy Assessment.



After work is completed, the program conducts quality assurance inspections for Home Energy Assessments, weatherization work (air sealing and insulation), HEAT Loans, and rebated heating systems. Quality assurance inspections are performed by one of the following trusted vendors:

  • Abode Energy Management
  • Center for EcoTechnology (CET)
  • CLEAResult
  • CMC Energy Services, Inc.
  • RISE Engineering

Did you know that if 50% or more of the tenants in your building fit within certain income levels, your property may be eligible to receive services through our Sponsors’ Income Eligible Multi-Family Retrofit Program? Details and restrictions may vary, visit our Income Eligible Programs page to see if your property qualifies.

Condo owners, your 2–4-unit building may be eligible for:

  • Up to 100% off recommended insulation improvements for each unit for a limited time, if all eligible units in a 2–4-unit building participate (or up to 75% off per unit if only some participate) *
  • No-cost targeted air sealing of leaks in drafty areas
  • The opportunity to apply for 0% financing for eligible upgrades

*Unit must have a residential heating meter

Call 1-866-527-SAVE (7283) to find out more.

Home Energy Assessments are also available for:

Discover other ways to save

Income Eligible Programs

To see if you qualify for additional assistance based on your income, visit our Income Eligible page to learn about fuel assistance, reduced utility rates, and added savings on energy efficiency incentives.

Small Business Assessments

The Sponsors of Mass Save® are now offering no-cost energy assessments to small businesses to identify energy savings opportunities. Take advantage of our limited-time offer to receive up to 100% off approved measures.

Multifamily (5+ Units)

If you own or manage a property with five or more units, energy saving opportunities are available to you.