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Mass Save Sponsor Tools & Resources

Find Your Sponsor Tool

Enter your zip code to identify contact information for your Mass Save Sponsor.

Mass Save Sponsor Energy Efficiency Program Websites

Find out more information about the Sponsors of Mass Save’s Energy Efficiency Programs—including rebates, online product catalogues, and more.

Home Energy Projects and Product Tools & Resources

Online Energy Assessment

Get a customized home energy efficiency report online at no cost from the Sponsors of Mass Save.

Online Marketplace

Get instant discounts on energy-efficient products and equipment for residents through our online marketplace.

Online Store Finder Tool

Enter your zip code to find businesses selling incentivized energy-saving products near you.

Check Rebate Status

Please allow up to 6-8 weeks for rebate processing. To find out the status of an application, use the rebate status tool.

Participating HEAT Loan Lenders

Find a lender who offers loan options for 0% financing to help you complete your energy-efficient upgrades.

Income-Based Tools & Resources

Enhanced Residential Offer Income Qualification Tool

See if you qualify for extra incentives based on your household income.

Find Your Community Action Program

The Sponsors of Mass Save partner with Community Action Program Agencies to help residents lower their energy bills. Use our tool to identify and contact your local Community Action Program.

Heating & Cooling Tools and Resources

0% Financing

Get 0% financing on qualifying upgrades.

Heating Comparison Calculator

Compare the annual cost and carbon emissions savings from investing in a new heating and cooling system.

Decarbonization Consultation

If you are considering an upgrade to your heating system, schedule a no-cost consultation with a Mass Save Decarbonization Specialist.

Find a Heat Pump Installer

Find a participating contractor who is certified to install heat pumps in Massachusetts.

Questions To Ask Your Heat Pump Installer

Reference these questions to ask your contractor regarding air source heat pumps.

Whole Home Heat Pump Verification Form

The Sponsors of Mass Save offer rebates to customers who install heat pumps as the sole source of heating and cooling. Review eligibility and access the verification form.

Heat Pump Qualified Product List Tool

Access a list of residential, qualified energy-efficient heat pumps—suitable for the Massachusetts climate.

Integrated Controls Qualified Product List

Access a list of qualified integrated controls products for mini-split heat pumps and dual fuel thermostats for central heat pumps.

Integrated Controls Switchover Temperature Calculator

Calculate the most cost-effective switchover temperature for your integrated control.

Air Source Heat Pump User Tips

Get the most out of your air source heat pump by referencing these user tips.

For Contractors: Heating & Cooling Learning Center

The Mass Save Heating & Cooling Learning Center offers a growing selection of trainings and resources. You can browse and select courses and undertake trainings on your own schedule.

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