Integrated Control Switchover Temperature Calculator

Determine the most cost-effective temperature setting based on current fuel prices.
An energy efficient ductless indoor heat pump unit

A switchover temperature is the outdoor temperature at which your heating switches from your heat pump to your boiler or furnace.

Use the calculator below to determine the most optimal, cost-effective switchover temperature for your integrated control based on current fuel prices.

Today’s cold-climate heat pumps can provide efficient heating at outdoor temperatures as low as -15º F and operate at 2–4 times the efficiency of a boiler or furnace. If you're looking to maximize efficiency and reduce your fossil fuel usage, your integrated controls can ensure your pre-existing heating system will only be used at or below outdoor switchover temperatures. In other words, when outdoor temperatures drop below a point where your heat pump can keep up, the existing heating system will turn on.


To be eligible for a partial home heat pump rebate, integrated controls must be set below the maximum switchover temperatures* as outlined below.


Pre-Existing Heating Fuel

Maximum Switchover Temperature*

Oil, Natural Gas

≤ 30º F


≤ 5º F


*Switchover temperatures are verified during post-installation inspections and based on 2019–2021 average fuel costs. Please note, the maximum switchover temperature for natural gas systems is 30°F and is designed to support decreased greenhouse gas emissions rather than operational savings.