Income Based Offers

Based on your household income, find out if you are eligible for no-cost or discounted energy efficiency services.
Are you a resident of Massachusetts residing within a 1-4 unit home looking to save on your energy bills and increase your home’s comfort? Based on your household income level, there are a range of discounted or no-cost programs designed to help you.


Do I Qualify for Enhanced Benefits through the Income Eligible Program?

Review the table below to see if your household income falls within the Enhanced Residential Program amounts, or below the Income Eligible Program levels. You may be eligible for enhanced benefits through a no-cost home energy assessment if you fall into one of these categories.


Number of Household Members Annual Household Income
  Income Eligible Program Enhanced Residential Program
1 $39,105 $39,106 - $52,140
2 $51,137 $51,138 - $68,183
3 $63,169 $63,170 - $84,225
4 $75,201 $75,202 - $100,268
5 $87,233 $87,234 - $116-311
6 $99,265 $99,266 - $132,353
7 $101,521 $101,522 - $135,361
8 $103,777 $103,778 - $138,369
9 $106,033 $106,034 - $141,377
10 $108,289 $108,290 - $144,385
For households larger than 6 people, contact Mass Save® for income qualification guidelines. If your annual household income is at or below the applicable income range noted above, you may qualify for increased energy efficiency incentives, such as 100% off approved insulation, an energy-saving heating system, and other no-cost improvements. Visit to learn how to contact your local CAP agency who will deliver these services on behalf of your Mass Save sponsor.

These amounts are effective 10/1/2020 through 9/30/2021.
Residential customers receiving the Salvation Army Good Neighbor Energy Fund benefits may qualify for the Moderate Income Program and no-cost insulation. 

If your income is above the Enhanced Residential Program amounts, please visit our Home Energy Assessment Page to see what offers may be available to help you save energy.


Benefits of a Home Energy Assessment:

  • No-cost instant energy savings products such as LED light bulbs, advanced power strips, faucet aerators, low-flow showerheads and more
  • No-cost air sealing of leaks in drafty areas of your home
  • Discounted or no-cost weatherization upgrades for additional attic, wall and/or basement insulation
  • Evaluation of existing refrigerator, clothes washer (and other appliances if applicable) to see if it is eligible for a rebate or replacement
  • Evaluation of existing heating boiler or furnace to see if it may be eligible for a rebate or replacement


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