Receive incentives for decreasing energy use at the right times.
A ConnectedSolution thermostat
Massachusetts residents can receive incentives for managing and reducing energy use during periods of peak electricity demand—like hot summer days.

Enroll Your Smart Thermostat

The Sponsors of Mass Save offer incentives for reducing energy usage during periods of peak electricity demand through your smart thermostat(s).

Enroll Your Battery Storage

Earn incentives and lower carbon emissions by purchasing and/or enrolling a battery storage system in the ConnectedSolutions Program.

An energy efficient kitchen in Massachusetts

Case Study: All-Electric Home in Acton

When setting out to build a new home, homeowners in Acton wanted a high level of energy efficiency and a low carbon footprint. With a ducted heat pump, heat pump water heater, solar array, and battery storage, these homeowners have an annual electric savings of 9,595 kWh.