Income Based Offers

Based on your household income, find out if you are eligible for no-cost or discounted energy efficiency services.

Use the table below to see if you qualify for these offers to upgrade your 1-4 unit home, improve your family’s comfort, and lower your monthly energy bills.

Two income-based programs are available. Both start with a no-cost, remote Home Energy Assessment and offer discounted or no-cost products and services:

  • If you qualify for the Enhanced Residential Program, then you’re eligible for a no-cost insulation upgrade and rebates on related projects.
  • If you qualify for the Income Eligible Program, then you may be eligible for no-cost insulation and air-sealing upgrades and new home appliances such as clothes washers, refrigerators, freezers, heating systems, dehumidifiers and window AC units. 

To determine if you qualify for either of these programs, use the table below to see if your annual household income falls below the Income Eligible Program maximum or within the Enhanced Residential Program range. 


Number of Household Members Annual Household Income
  Income Eligible Program Enhanced Residential Program
1 < $39,105 $39,106 - $52,140
2 < $51,137 $51,138 - $68,183
3 < $63,169 $63,170 - $84,225
4 < $75,201 $75,202- $100,268
5 < $87,233 $87,234 - $116,311
6 < $99,265 $99,266 - $132,353
7 < $101,521 $101,522 – $135,361
8 < $103,777 $103,778 – $138,369
9 < $106,033 $106,034 – $141,377


Start Saving Energy Today

To get started, select the program you qualify for below to learn more about the program and how to take advantage of these energy saving opportunities.

Didn’t qualify for either income-eligible program? No worries, you may still be eligible for a no-cost, remote Home Energy Assessment and products like LED light bulbs, advanced power strips, and more.