Upgrading Existing Equipment

Is your outdated equipment costing you more than it should? Upgrade to today’s high efficiency technology with these incentives.

Want to lower your energy costs? We offer incentives when you upgrade to qualified high efficiency equipment. Your new equipment must replace existing, working equipment.


You may be eligible for incentives on:

  • Lighting and Lighting Controls - Electric

    Lighting is a significant operating expense in existing buildings. By upgrading to efficient lighting, building owners can save money on energy costs while enhancing the visual comfort and productivity of the building’s occupants. We provide technical guidance and incentives for businesses that upgrade to efficient lighting.

  • Bright Opportunities Upstream Lighting - Electric

    We work with electrical distributors to offer contractors and customers discounted pricing on LED lamps and select fixtures for commercial applications.

  • Energy Management Systems and Vending Misers - Electric and Gas

    Rebates for the installation of energy management systems and vending machine controls that automatically turn off equipment when the equipment is not in use.

  • Heating Equipment - Gas

    Upgrade to an efficient natural gas furnace, boiler, or water heater can save you money and energy.

  • Upstream HVAC - Electric

    We partner with HVAC distributors to offer discounted pricing on the most efficient central air conditioning systems and heat pumps for businesses.

  • Variable Speed Drives - Electric

    High efficiency variable speed drives (VSDs) reduce energy use by operating pumps and fans at slower speeds when the electric load decreases.

  • Custom Projects - Electric and Gas

    We can help you find the right mix of energy efficiency technologies for your operations. Plus, enjoy financial incentives when you implement energy-saving solutions.

  • Recycle your Old Refrigerator or Freezer

    Does your business use an old refrigerator or freezer? If so, it could be making your energy costs higher than they should be. Not only will you get a rebate, but we'll pick up your unit at NO COST!

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