Commercial New Construction and Major Renovations

Call on us for technical expertise and incentives for your new construction project.

Mass Save® can help you incorporate energy efficiency, and even zero net energy status, into your new construction design. Energy efficient design not only saves on energy costs over the life of your building, it improves the value and comfort of your facility. Whether your building is large or small (under 100,000 square feet), we offer a range of solutions so that there is a pathway to savings for every project. 

Connect with the Sponsors of Mass Save early on in your project to unlock more opportunities for cost savings, technical support and optimal energy efficiency.  Both building owner and design team incentives are available to help cover the incremental construction and design service costs associated with the inclusion of energy efficient equipment and systems.  By working with us from the project’s feasibility or conceptual design phase, your project team can achieve deep energy savings, and even zero net energy status, to minimize future energy use.


Choose your path to generate savings

Path 1: Zero Net Energy (ZNE)/Deep Energy Savings

(Solutions for buildings over 20,000 square feet)
Comprehensive technical expertise and financial incentives for ZNE, ZNE Ready, very low energy use intensity (EUI) and Passive House projects. Learn more.


Path 2: Whole Buildings EUI Reduction

(Solutions for buildings over 50,000 square feet)
Comprehensive technical expertise and financial incentives for meeting EUI reduction goals. Learn more


Path 3: Whole Buildings Streamlined

(Solutions for buildings 20,000 - 100,000 square feet)
Comprehensive technical expertise and financial incentives for non-energy intensive building projects. Learn more


Path 4: Systems

(Solutions for buildings under 20,000 square feet, partial building major renovations, or projects engaging late in design or during construction)
Projects that incorporate energy efficient equipment may be eligible to receive prescriptive and custom incentives as well as technical assistance services at a 50% customer cost share.


For a quick summary and comparison of the different pathways, view the Commercial Pathways Overview.


Multi-Family High Rise

Building a new multi-family project or own or manage a property with five or more units? Reduce your operating costs and increase your property's value by taking advantage of our special money-saving opportunities. Please visit our Multi-Family High Rise New Construction Program page to learn more about incentives offered for energy efficient new construction. To learn more about ways to reduce your current energy costs, please visit our Multi-Family Home Energy Assessments page to explore rebates and incentives available through our no-cost Energy Assessments.


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