Path 3: High Performance Buildings

High Performance Hero

Path 3 High Performance Buildings provides building owners and design teams with energy efficiency and low carbon equipment expertise throughout a project's design and construction process.

By partnering with us early on in building design, you may receive no-cost assistance from energy experts who will guide you in selecting the most cost-effective energy conservation measures (ECMs) for your building. We offer incentive dollars to support each measure you include in your project, payable at the end of construction if the project is built as designed.

Incentives are available for buildings installing heat pumps. Buildings that are 20,000 square feet or less can find more information by downloading the application form. Buildings larger than 20,000 square feet must submit a custom application form.

Incentive Energy Conservation Measure (CM) Rate
Custom Incentive Building Envelope
Lighting controls
Unitary HVAC (RTU, AC)
High Efficiency Chillers
Energy Recovery
Demand Control Ventilation
Variable Flow Kitchen Hood
DHW Heaters
Low Flow DHW Fixtures
$0.35/kWh $2.00/Therm
Prescriptive Incentive Variable Frequency Drives Current program rate
Heat Pump Incentive Air Source Heat Pumps $800/ton
Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) $1200/ton
Ground Source Heat Pump $4500/ton


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Download the Memorandum of Understanding for the Path 3: High Performance Buildings for a full description of the process and requirements for this program.

For buildings 20,000 square feet or less looking for a heat pump only incentive, download the application form and submit prior to installation.

Eligible Project Types:

  • Whole building projects of any size where customers do not wish to set and pursue an EUI target
  • Projects that are not whole buildings (e.g., tenant fit outs, open air parking garages)
  • Projects that have heavy process loads (e.g., cannabis, industrial)
  • Projects where customers are interested in discrete measures only