Path 1: Net Zero and Low EUI Buildings (10,000 sf or greater)

Partner with the Sponsors of Mass Save for help reaching your team’s net zero goals while getting your project on a path to minimize future overall energy use. Work with us and receive the highest level of incentives and key resources to help you achieve a very low carbon building, low energy use intensity (EUI), and ultimately, net zero success. Decarbonize your building and receive per ton heat pump incentives when you install cold climate heat pump technology.

EUI Targets
EUI Targets
Payable at End of Construction Payable at End of 1 yr. post occupancy
Construction Incentive Space Heating Heat Pump Adder Post Occupancy Incentive Certification Incentive
VARY BY PROJECT TYPE Either $1.50/sf or $2.00/sf (depending on EUI target) Air Source Heat Pumps: $800/ton
Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF): $1200/ton
Ground Source Heat Pumps: $4500/ton
$1.50 $3,000


For more details on this path, please click here.

Download the Memorandum of Understanding for Path 1: Net Zero and Low EUI Buildings for a full description of the process and requirements for this program.

To be eligible, the project team must be willing to target an ultra-low site EUI and the building must have a minimum of 10,000 square feet of heated and cooled space.

We support projects starting in early design, into construction and through a one year post occupancy period. We’ll help you make smart design decisions, we’ll offset construction costs with our incentives, and we’ll provide additional incentive dollars to help you make sure your building operates at the low carbon and low overall energy use levels you set out to achieve.

Work towards any of the following EUI targets to participate!


Path 1: EUI by Building Type
Building Type Tier 1: ZNE Target ($2.00/sf) Tier 2: ZNE Target ($1.50/sf)
Hotel 35 36-40
K-12 (Tier 2 only available for high schools) 25 26-29
Library 30 31-35
Office 30 31-35
Fire/Police Station 35 36-40
Site Specific 25 or TBD N/A


Net Zero Energy Building: A building that produces as much clean, renewable energy as it uses when measured over a one-year period. Solar panels or other renewables are not required to participate in Path 1.

Site Energy Use Intensity (EUI): A measure of a building’s gross annual site energy consumption (including all fuels) relative to its gross square footage. The units are kBtu/sf/year. For this Program, gross square footage excludes parking garages and penthouse square footage, as these are not typically conditioned spaces. The Program’s EUI calculation does not include onsite renewables.

In alignment with the Commonwealth's policy and climate goals, the Sponsors of Mass Save are discontinuing incentives for fossil fuel equipment and new construction buildings that utilize fossil fuel equipment. Effective January 1, 2025, the Sponsors of Mass Save will no longer be permitted to issue incentive payments tied to fossil fuel equipment or new construction buildings with fossil fuel equipment.

For new projects enrolling, view the C&I New Buildings and Major Renovations Participation Requirements to distinguish eligibility of new construction vs. major renovation buildings.