Optimize your buildings’ energy efficiency with today’s advanced chiller technology.

Chillers cool buildings and industrial processes. Recent advances in chiller technology and design practices have greatly improved energy efficiency. The Sponsors of Mass Save® help commercial, industrial, and public-sector customers evaluate their options for chiller design and implementation. Engineering services are available to establish budgets, estimate savings projections, and develop plans. In addition to engineering guidance, the Sponsors offer financial incentives that help to defray the cost of eligible energy efficient chiller technologies.


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For complete eligibility details and terms and conditions, refer to application or portal.


Contact your Mass Save Sponsor before purchasing and installing any equipment. You may use the Find Your Sponsor tool for contact information for your area.

Eligibility Guidelines

  • Prescriptive incentives will be provided for the installation of electrically operated, comfort- cooling Air-Cooled Water Chillers and Water-Cooled Water Chillers with a maximum capacity of 1,000 tons.
  • Chillers shall comply with the minimum requirement detailed in the Massachusetts 780 CMR Energy Code, Section 1305.3.3
  • Efficiency criteria are based on Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) Standards 550/590-98, as appropriate.
  • Chillers selected with off-AHRI conditions must provide both the AHRI rated performance and the design duty performance.
  • Customer must attach to his/her rebate application a copy of the manufacturer’s performance sheet where the AHRI standard FL and IPLV and/or design duty FL and IPLV are clearly stated. Air-Cooled Chillers shall be rated in EER and Water-Cooled Chillers shall be rated in kW/ton.
  • New replacement chillers must be a one-to-one replacement in kind for tonnage and condenser type.
  • All new Water-Cooled Chillers must be equipped with condenser water reset strategy.
  • A chiller with a VSD (Variable Speed Drive) must have a minimum of 3 percent impedance reactor in its AC power input connection.
  • Educational facilities with summer breaks must have at least 300 hours of operation. All other types of facilities shall must operate at least 800 EFLH annually or 1,500 annual run hours.
  • A Chiller Plant Inventory must be completed, and the total estimated plant load must be stated.
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