Heat Pumps

Install a high-efficiency heat pump for dual heating and cooling—and start saving money and energy. 
Outdoor energy efficient residential heat pump units

Heat pumps can efficiently heat in the winter and double as a cooling system in the summer, while lowering greenhouse gas emissions. Heat pumps are powered by electricity with no in-home fuel storage or carbon emissions.

Types of Heat Pumps

A residential air source heat pump

Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps (commonly referred to as mini-splits) extract heat from the air outside and distribute it inside during the winter. During warmer months, this process is reversed to provide cooling.

An air to water heat pump system

Air to Water Heat Pumps

Air to water heat pumps use the same concept as an air source heat pump for drawing out heat from the outdoor air. The difference is it delivers the heat via water piped through a home (rather than hot air).

Illustration of a ground source heat pump systema

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Ground source heat pumps extract heat from the ground during cold weather and distribute it throughout your home. During warmer months, this process is reversed to provide cooling. This system is the most efficient type of heat pump.

A person on the phone with an energy specialist

​​​Not Sure Where to Start?

Schedule a no-cost, virtual consultation with a Mass Save Decarbonization Specialist for guidance. You can also use our Heating Comparison Calculator to compare the annual costs and savings of different systems.

Case Study: Dick MacDonough

After an existing central air conditioner unit broke down, Dick decided to upgrade to a high-efficiency heat pump and use a smart thermostat—reducing his annual carbon dioxide emissions by 5.1 metric tons.

All Electric Home in Northampton Massachusetts

Case Study: All-Electric Home in Northampton

A new home (3,777 square feet) built in Northampton is only heated with a ductless heat pump system—due to a well-thought-out and implemented plan for air sealing and insulating the home