Heating & Cooling

Keep your home the perfect temperature year-round with energy-efficient heating and cooling upgrades.
Massachusetts family in an energy efficient home

Make your home more comfortable and energy efficient by upgrading to a new heating and cooling system. Paired with weatherization upgrades (insulation, air sealing), upgrading heating and cooling equipment is one of the most effective ways to lower your energy use.

Residents can also take advantage of federal tax credits to lower the price of purchasing and installing an air source heat pump. Greater discounts and no-cost options are also available to income-qualifying customers.

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​​​Not Sure Where to Start?

Schedule a no-cost, virtual consultation with a Mass Save Decarbonization Specialist for guidance. You can also use our Heating Comparison Calculator to compare the annual costs and savings of different systems.

Case Study: Drury Residence

A Greenfield homeowner received $10,000 in incentives after participating in a no-cost energy assessment and replacing his furnace and water heater with clean, efficient heat pump systems.

An energy efficient home in Massachusetts

Case Study: 175-Year-Old Home Energy Improvements

A homeowner in Fairhaven took advantage of incentives on upgrades, including insulation, advanced power strips, LED lighting, a new boiler, and a mini-split heat pump—saving $723 annually in energy costs.