Building Management Systems & Controls

Get more control over equipment usage and energy costs.

Building Management Systems (BMS) automatically turn off equipment when not in use - reducing energy loads and extending equipment lifespans.

The Sponsors of Mass Save offer three options for building management systems and controls incentives.

Buildings 5,000 - 300,000 Square Feet

Incentives for first time BMS installation, replacement of existing BMS, and the addition or optimization of building HVAC control sequences.

Buildings Over 300,000 Square Feet

Custom incentives for new BMS installations, additions to an existing BMS, or control of lab or process spaces. Examples of custom building controls projects include introducing variable volume to fume hoods, sequencing chillers, adding centralized terminal unit control to existing standalone boxes, and more. Calculations to determine the energy savings for implementing these projects are needed.


Existing Building Management Systems

Support for optimizing an existing BMS less than 15 years old.