Energy efficiency can help businesses meet their sustainability goals.
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Sustainability starts with energy efficiency. The energy used in your office space is likely the biggest contributor to your environmental footprint. The Sponsors of Mass Save offer financial incentives to make energy efficiency projects a reality so that your business can save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Key Energy-Saving Opportunities

1. Efficient Lighting Design
Energy-efficient lighting can provide better aesthetics for your office and save energy. Indoor and outdoor LED lighting and controls use light and energy more efficiently, saving money and energy. LED lightbulbs are long-lasting and require fewer changes, freeing up maintenance time.

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2. Heating & Cooling Equipment Upgrades
Heating and cooling are often large expenses for office buildings. By properly maintaining equipment or upgrading to high-efficiency systems, your business can enjoy long-term reduced energy usage, decrease equipment maintenance time, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and create a comfortable environment.

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3. Energy-Efficient Office Equipment
IT equipment can use a significant amount of energy. Even when turned off, equipment may be consuming large amounts of energy. Your business can save energy by using ENERGY STAR® certified equipment, such as computers, monitors, printers, and copiers.

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4. Vending Misers
Vending machines typically use electricity 24 hours a day, even if no one is around to use them. Vending misers use motion sensors to automatically power vending machines down when the surrounding area is unoccupied and power them back up when a person approaches the machine.

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Case Study: The Fields Realty Trust

Fields Realty Trust installed a building management system to control their heating and cooling system, in addition to other high- efficiency upgrades, saving $8,127 annually.

Cimpress building

Case Study: Cimpress

With advanced lighting technology and open space, Cimpress created a smart office design to achieve LEED Gold certification, enhance overall comfort, and foster employee creativity.

Not Sure Where To Start?

Looking for advice on how to save energy? The Sponsors of Mass Save offer no- cost energy assessments to support your efficiency projects from start to finish.

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