Lighting & Lighting Controls

High-efficiency lighting and controls are an easy, low-cost way to save energy. 
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Indoor and outdoor LED lighting and controls use light and energy more efficiently, saving money and energy. LED lightbulbs are long-lasting and require fewer changes, freeing up maintenance time.

The Sponsors of Mass Save offer three options for lighting and controls incentives—instant incentives, retrofit lighting upgrades, and building energy assessments.

Instant Incentives

Take advantage of instant incentives on lighting equipment, including LED lamps and select types of LED fixtures.

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Upgrade Existing Lighting

The Sponsors of Mass Save offer a wide range of incentives for upgrading the efficiency of existing lighting in your building utilizing your own contractor.

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Building Energy Assessments

Participate in a virtual or in-person energy assessment with one of our qualified vendors to receive energy- efficient lighting upgrade recommendations.

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