The Key Ingredients for an Energy-Efficient Holiday Season

November 15, 2017

It seems that as soon as November 1st arrives, so too do the TV commercials for holiday shopping and baking, the magazine covers highlighting winter recipes and décor, and the festive songs on the radio. The holidays will be here before we know it, and that means it’s time to get cooking! With so many gatherings around the corner, the kitchen is about to become the most popular room in the house. Are you prepared?

Update Your Refrigerator and Achieve North Pole Temperatures

Okay, maybe not that cold. But now is a better time than ever to upgrade your refrigerator! Models from the year 2000 or older can actually use double the energy compared to that used by this year’s ENERGY STAR® certified models. This means you could cut the energy you use for refrigeration in half just by upgrading to an ENERGY STAR certified fridge! Plus, you could receive up to a $200 rebate toward the purchase of your new unit. How do you find out if you’re eligible? Start by signing up for a no-cost Home Energy Assessment; during the assessment, an energy specialist will assess whether your fridge upgrade qualifies.

But what about your old fridge? You can’t just kick it to the curb with the rest of your disposal bins, but you can arrange for Mass Save® representatives to pick up and properly recycle your old unit at no-cost through our refrigerator recycling program. You’ll even receive a $75 rebate just for participating! Check out this video to learn where your unit will go and how it’s broken down to be recycled.

Feel Like a Master Chef with New Kitchen Lighting

Installing LEDs is one of the best, and least expensive, ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency, achieve savings, and decrease the number of times you have to go grab a chair to stand on in order to replace a bulb. Upgrading lighting in your kitchen is certainly no exception. As the days grow shorter, you will need the proper light for prepping Thanksgiving dinner, baking cookies and other sweet treats, and dining on your favorite holiday dishes with loved ones. With LEDs using 80-90 percent less energy than regular incandescent bulbs and lasting 15-25 years or longer, making the replacement is simply a bright idea.

Unsure what bulbs you need for your kitchen? Check out our lighting guide to get started. Then, visit our online storefront or these local stores to find great discounts on a variety of LED bulbs.

Get Fresh Air, without Having to Bundle Up

Whenever you have guests over, you want the air in your home to smell fresh and clean. However, it can be difficult to keep stale air and unpleasant odors at bay – especially when most of us keep our windows and doors tightly sealed during the cold weather. Fortunately, there’s no need to crack a window and lose heat just to have some fresher air. Room air cleaners can remove unwanted odors, whether they be from a burnt side dish at Thanksgiving, a smoky wood fire, or even a loveable, but sometimes stinky, pet.

If you’re looking for a room air cleaner for your home, don’t forget to take advantage of this $40 rebate on ENERGY STAR certified models. ENERGY STAR certified room air cleaners are 40% more energy-efficient than non-certified models! That means you can breathe easier knowing you’re creating a more comfortable environment for your guests, while also avoiding the costs of energy waste.

Although the impending arrival of the holiday season can bring angst with the growing list of to-do’s, it also brings sought-after opportunities to enjoy holiday traditions with friends and loved ones. Many of these traditions revolve around cooking, baking, and dining, so it’s a great idea to get your kitchen ready in advance. With the tips we outlined above, you’ll be ready to delight your guests, all while giving yourself the gift of energy-savings!

Home Energy Savings

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