Bright Opportunities: Savings and benefits with the flip of a switch

December 06, 2017

Making energy efficiency improvements for your business doesn’t need to be a process. Not all upgrades require back-and-forth with an engineer. Nor should they always involve a delay in receiving financial incentives on equipment.

Wouldn’t it be nice if saving on energy was as easy as replacing a light bulb? With the Bright Opportunities Lighting Program, it is.

Massachusetts businesses and contractors can take advantage of instant discounts on a variety of LED lighting solutions. From lamps and downlights to stairwell fixtures and sensors, energy-saving lighting products are available at distributors across the commonwealth at generous prices. No applications to fill out, no rebate processing necessary.

When you save instantly on energy efficient lighting, you can expect the following benefits:

Save money and energy.

LED lighting uses up to 90% less energy than incandescent, fluorescent, and halogen bulbs. The result is significant cost savings, especially if your business uses lighting for extended periods of time, delivering a quick return on your investment.

Reduced maintenance.

Longevity and durability are two other LED advantages. Bulbs have a lifespan up to 15 times longer than traditional bulbs and are largely resistant to breakage because they typically aren’t made of glass. Your maintenance staff will spend less effort replacing bulbs and more time thinking about other ways to improve your business.

Improved employee productivity and safety.

Lighting upgrades can improve visual comfort, resulting in more focused and more energized employees ready to do their best work. Improvements in visibility have an effect on reducing workplace accidents.

With relatively small effort, you can seize these valuable benefits for your business. And with the Bright Opportunities Lighting Program, you can save on lighting upgrades right away.

Learn more about Bright Opportunities or find a distributor near you.

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