How a No-Cost Facility Assessment Helped Marine Hydraulics Invest in Energy Efficient Upgrades and a More Sustainable, Cost-Effective Future

September 01, 2021

Marine Hydraulics is a small but mighty manufacturing company operating out of New Bedford, MA. The full-service steel fabrication company employs a team of experts who can often be found on-board vessels and in the shop machining, welding and rebuilding pumps, motors, hydraulic hoses, and equipment.

The company's manager was interested in cutting overall energy costs and upgrading the lighting at the Marine Hydraulics facility, but was mindful of the tight operating margins he had to work within. Knowing this, he wanted to make the most cost-effective, efficient investment possible.

With the help of Eversource, a Sponsor of Mass Save®, Marine Hydraulics worked with a qualified contractor and received a no-cost energy assessment and a top-to-bottom look at the company's business operations, including a comprehensive look at the facility's lighting and heating requirements.

The review left the company with multiple opportunities to choose from. Eversource provided financial incentives to cover up to 70 percent of costs for installation of approved electric efficiency measures and 100 percent of the cost of gas efficiency measures. Ultimately, Marine Hydraulics went with the following cost-effective, energy-saving upgrades: 

  • Lighting upgrades, which not only improved light quality and safety on the floor of the facility but also greatly reduced maintenance and labor costs
  • New programmable thermostats and faucet aerators, which provided significant savings on gas heating and water heating costs.

To learn more about the steps Marine Hydraulics took to save money and energy, read the full case study here. And to schedule a no-cost facility assessment for your business, and unlock cost-effective energy-saving opportunities of your own, head to:

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