Energy Efficiency Improvements Help Renters in Lunenburg Save Energy and Offer Improved Comfort

May 27, 2021

TriTown Landing in Lunenburg, MA, is an apartment complex that provides affordable housing to income-eligible renters.

Recently, with the help of Unitil, a Sponsor of Mass Save®, residents of the TriTown Landing complex were able to reduce their energy consumption and save on energy bills by making efficiency improvements and upgrades.

The complex, which houses 131 apartments, had over 2,000 lighting fixtures upgraded to LED technology and 134 ENERGY STAR® certified refrigerators were installed. Together, the improvements resulted in an annual savings of approximately 271,000 kWh, or the equivalent to that of 37 homes annual consumption combined. Additionally, low-flow faucet aerators and showerheads were installed, enabling renters to use less water while simultaneously reducing water heating costs.

The projects were eligible for a $413,000 energy efficiency rebate from Unitil, covering the cost of the upgrades and making the improvements an easy and meaningful decision for the TriTown Landing management company.

Read the full TriTown Landing Case Study here. To learn how the Sponsors of Mass Save can help renters and homeowners alike save money and energy, head to:

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