Variable Speed Drives (VSDs)

Get money-saving incentives on VSDs and reduce your equipment’s energy use.
Ideal for HVAC applications, VSDs reduce energy consumption by varying speeds based on changing loads. When applied to pumps and fans, they can help yield energy-savings of up to 35 percent.

Variable Speed. Substantial Savings.

VSDs reduce energy consumption by operating at speeds that vary over time based on changing loads. Standard pump and fan motors always run at full speed, consuming more electricity than required to do the job. A VSD slows a fan or pump down when the actual load decreases.

The savings from a VSD increases exponentially as the load decreases. As a result, a small decrease in speed produces a relatively large increase in savings. For example, a 20 percent reduction in flow can yield a savings of 35 percent or more.

VSDs are ideally suited for HVAC applications because the demand on heating and cooling systems can vary with outside temperature, building occupancy, and production level. Other effective applications include:

  • Boiler draft fans serving boilers with varying loads
  • Exhaust fans where the necessary flow rate varies with temperature, such as oven and dryer exhaust fans
  • Manufacturing applications where load varies with production

Current Incentives for Variable Speed Drives

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