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Support and Trainings for Massachusetts building industry stakeholders.
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The Sponsors of Mass Save provide valuable compliance training, technical support, and documentation tools for building industry stakeholders.

Building energy code compliance training sessions are available for all Massachusetts code officials and building professionals; this includes builders, subcontractors, suppliers of materials and equipment, design professionals and others.  In addition, a toll-free number is available for Technical Support Services.

The Sponsors of Mass Save are providing this service as a part of their long-standing commitment to improve the energy performance of the building stock throughout Massachusetts.

ATTENTION: The new Massachusetts Residential Stretch Energy Code became effective on January 1, 2023, and the Commercial Stretch Energy Code became effective July 1, 2023, with no concurrency periods. See the Tools & Resources Tab for a summary of the changes to view the Stretch Code language.

Mass Save® Energy Code Training and Technical Support is delivered by Performance Systems Development (PSD).


Trainings are added regularly, so please check back for future opportunities or sign up for our eNewsletter. Check individual training session information for continuing education eligibility, which may include credits for Massachusetts code officials, AIA, NARI, RESNET, BPI, and CSL. The classroom trainings are typically three-hour sessions, and webinars are usually one-hour sessions.

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Technical Support Services:

The Sponsors of Mass Save also offer a toll-free number for technical assistance for code officials and others who have attended an energy code training session.

Call 1-855-757-9717 or email questions to [email protected].

Mass Save Energy Code Technical Support

The Massachusetts Stretch Energy Code, also known as the "Stretch Code", was made available for municipalities to adopt in 2009 as Appendix 110.aa and later as 115.aa within the building code found in 780 CMR. In 2021, new legislation was passed by the Massachusetts legislature, transferring the responsibility for updating the Stretch Code to the Department of Energy Resources and 225 CMR.

Starting from January 1, 2023, the Residential provisions of this code went into effect. The Commercial provisions went into effect on July 1, 2023. This code is intended to align with the upcoming 10th edition of the Massachusetts building code, which is established under 780 CMR.

The Massachusetts Stretch Energy Code 2023 is an amended version of the 2021 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC 2021).


Massachusetts Energy Code 2023 (Permits applied for January 1, 2023 or after)

Massachusetts Energy Code 2020 (Permits applied for November 7, 2020, or after)

Massachusetts Energy Code 2015 (Permits applied for prior to November 7, 2020)