Lighting and Lighting Control Upgrades

Lighting is a significant operating expense in existing buildings. By upgrading lighting, owners can improve the economics of their buildings while enhancing the visual comfort and productivity of occupants. We provide a wide range of technical guidance for upgrading the efficiency of existing lighting.

The Sponsors of Mass Save® offer incentives for a variety of lighting control technologies, including occupancy sensors and daylight harvesting systems. Incentives are available for more than two dozen types of lighting products, including:

  • Remote Mounted Occupancy Sensors
  • Daylight Dimming Systems
  • Occupancy Controlled Step-Dimming Systems
  • Wall-Mounted Occupancy Sensors
  • Wall-Mounted Vacancy Occupancy Sensors
  • Photocell Sensors (lighting systems on 24/7)
  • High Bay Occupancy Control Systems

Networked lighting control systems connect multiple fixtures together and blend control strategies based on the space, including occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting, task tuning, and dimming. Advanced control systems maximize flexibility, comfort, and aesthetic, while also generating significant savings. Customers can take advantage of the latest in lighting control technology through the Performance Lighting Program.


Next Steps

Contact your Mass Save Sponsor before purchasing and installing any equipment. You may use the Find Your Sponsor tool for contact information for your area. View the applications or portal for complete eligibility details and terms and conditions.

The  Lighting Systems & Sensors Application  provides incentives to facilitate the identification and installation of premium efficient lighting equipment.


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