EV Charging Equipment & Accessories

Customers of Eversource and National Grid can benefit from rebates and information on electric vehicles and charging stations.
An EV charging station in Massachusetts

Eversource and National Grid are proud to support the electric vehicle (EV) movement—helping create a cleaner environment with lower emissions.

EVs are not only cleaner, but they save money on fuel and need less maintenance than gas or diesel cars. There are also State and Federal EV Funding Programs available to help residents enjoy the benefits of EVs.

Discover additional ways to electrify your home and lower your carbon footprint.

  1. Confirm Eligibility
    View the Eligibility Tab to ensure you are qualified to participate.
  2. View Sponsor Programs
    EV programs and rebates are dependent on your Sponsor. View individual Sponsor Programs below:
    • Eversource – guidance on buying an electric vehicle and rebates for installing a home charger
    • National Grid – rebates for upgrading home wiring in a garage or parking area to support at-home charging and an off-peak charging program
  • Must be an existing electric customer of Eversource or National Grid

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