Data Centers

Data centers rely on energy to power servers and ensure secure Internet connections.
Reliability, performance, and security within a business facility are top priorities, but businesses can also save energy and money while ensuring the integrity of their data centers. Many existing data centers can reduce their energy use by 25 to 40 percent by implementing energy-saving measures.

Key Energy-Saving Opportunities

1. Server Consolidation and Virtualization
Data centers consume large amounts of energy to run and maintain computer systems and servers. By consolidating multiple servers on the same piece of hardware, your business can cut energy and maintenance costs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and diminish downtime from unexpected equipment failure. To determine incentive eligibility, the Sponsors of Mass Save quantify the potential energy savings these types of consolidations and virtualizations can have.

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2. Airflow Management
Optimizing airflow pathways in a data center can significantly reduce energy consumption and save money. Airflow problems are quite common, especially in older centers. When considering strategies to effectively manage airflow, like setting up servers in alternative hot and cold aisles, use the Sponsors of Mass Save’s Engineering Services and Technical Assistance to quantify the potential incentive and energy savings these projects can have.

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3. Variable Speed Drives (VSD) Upgrades
Businesses can use VSDs to make sure their equipment and systems are operating at the most efficient speed, reducing wear and tear, and driving reliability. VSDs can also provide a source of energy-efficient cooling for servers, systems, and equipment.

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4. Chiller Upgrades
Chillers can lower the temperature of machinery and data centers by removing and transferring heat from the system or space. This increases system efficiency and lowers energy costs.

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Case Study: The Markley Group Data Center

By installing new, efficient cooling equipment, the Markley Group saved $307,676 annually, increased power density, and reduced operating costs at their data center.

Not Sure Where To Start?

If you're looking for advice on how to save energy, the Sponsors of Mass Save offer energy assessments and guidance to support efficiency projects from start to finish.

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