Three Ways to Keep Warm, Cozy, and Energy-Efficient this Winter

December 14, 2017

Winter has arrived and brought with it chilly winds and dropping temperatures. But it’s not too late to prepare for this seasonal wintry weather! We’ve put together an easy list of products that are perfect for ensuring your home is both comfortable and energy-efficient, despite the undesirable weather outdoors.

Room Air Cleaners for the Ultimate Comfort in Any Room
As we keep our doors and windows shut during the colder months, it’s energizing to walk outside and inhale the crisp, fresh air. However, most of us don’t want to brave the cold! Room air cleaners offer a simple solution for keeping our indoor air feeling fresh. Adding a room air cleaner to your living space or bedroom will remove odors, like those from dirty laundry, fireplace smoke, or stinky pets, and help alleviate allergies by trapping dust and dander.

So, don’t settle for stale air when you could live more comfortably with an ENERGY STAR® certified room air cleaner. As an added benefit, ENERGY STAR certified units use 40% less energy than conventional models, meaning you could save over $250 in energy costs across the unit’s lifetime. Plus, exclusively for Massachusetts residential customers of the sponsors of Mass Save®, you can enjoy a $40 rebate with your purchase of an ENERGY STAR certified room air cleaner!

Saving While Showering—Now That’s Multi-tasking!
What’s better than coming in from the cold and taking a nice, hot shower to warm you up when you’re frozen to the bone? With today’s technological advances in shower fixtures, you can enjoy those steaming showers without the guilt, just by switching to a low-flow showerhead.

Low-flow does not mean low-quality. You won’t sacrifice comfort with this showerhead, only limit the water usage. Because conventional showerheads can use over 20% more gallons per minute than low-flow showerheads, making the switch could save you up to three figures in annual energy costs per showerhead replaced, depending on your household size, water use, and water heater type. Contributing to these savings is the fact that low-flow showerheads help reduce your hot water use, thereby lowering the amount of energy needed to heat up water for your shower. You can find a showerhead that’s a perfect fit for your bathroom and buy it today at a discounted rate through the Mass Save® online store.

Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs that are Merry and Bright
The right lighting can make for a warm, inviting, and cozy ambience—and it can save you money, too! Updating your light bulbs to ENERGY STAR certified LEDs is one of many ways to save this winter, but adding ENERGY STAR certified dimmable LED bulbs and compatible dimmers can help you save even more. Using dimmers to turn down your lights allows for periods of decreased energy use, which can in turn extend the life of your bulbs. At the same time, dimmable LEDs help create more balanced lighting in multi-purpose rooms, such as in a kitchen where you may want bright, focused task lighting in prep areas but softer, more dimmed lighting over a dining table.

To find LEDs that are dimmable, check the product specifications when choosing bulbs through the Mass Save online store. Or, if you visit any of these local retailers listed in the Mass Save store locator, make sure you read the bulb box to determine whether the LEDs are dimmable and to find information on compatible dimmers.

With winter upon us, it can be difficult to keep comfortable during the long, cold days that are often spent indoors. Using these energy-saving products, however, will not only make your home more efficient, but also help you keep cozy this season. To learn more about the advantages of these, and other energy-efficient lighting and products, along with the discounts that are available, explore

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