Three Valentine’s Gifts for Energy-Efficiency Lovers

February 07, 2018

Every day is an opportunity to make energy-efficient improvements— and Valentine’s Day isn’t any different. Maybe you personally know someone who loves energy-efficiency! Spoil them on this Valentine’s Day with a gift they will truly appreciate. Or, better yet, treat yourself to one of these gifts.

1. Smart LED Bulbs

Smart LED bulbs are the future of lighting. When you install smart lighting systems, you connect through your home’s Wi-Fi network, allowing you to operate the lights through your smartphone or tablet. With this advanced technology, you can do more than just dim your lights; you can adjust the color temperature of the bulbs and set up schedules to turn lights on and off. Some are even compatible with “Smart Home” systems, like Amazon Echo, so you can use voice commands to adjust your home’s lighting.

With smart LEDs, you are more in control of your lighting than ever. If you forgot to turn off lights when you left the house, you can log in and do it remotely while you’re out. This saves energy, above and beyond what you’re already saving by using LEDs, which are energy-efficient, long lasting, and safe for your family. You can find instant price discounts on ENERGY STAR® certified LED bulbs provided by the sponsors of Mass Save, including Eversource, National Grid, Cape Light Compact, and Unitil, when you shop at participating retailers throughout the state.

2. Advanced Power Strips

Advanced power strips (APS’s) are a great investment for anyone who has a lot of electronics constantly plugged in, and these days it seems that more and more of us fall into this category. Advanced power strips stop electronics from drawing power when they are turned off. One study of Northern California by the Natural Resources Defense Council, found that devices in off and idle modes consumed nearly a quarter of household energy use. That’s a lot of wasted energy! Upgrading to an APS can help cut down on this energy waste.

You can even take it a step further by investing in a Tier 2 APS, which cuts both active and standby power loss. Using a Tier 2 APS can save you up to $300 in energy costs over five years. Now that’s a great present! You can find price discounts through the Mass Save online storefront and participating retailers, or you may be eligible to receive a no-cost APS through the income eligible program.

3. ENERGY STAR Certified Appliances

When you see the ENERGY STAR logo, you know you’re looking at an appliance that has been properly tested and thoroughly reviewed to get that mark. The ENERGY STAR program provides credible, unbiased information. ENERGY STAR certification guarantees a product is energy-efficient, offering you the comfort of knowing that purchasing one of these appliances will bring lower energy costs than a comparable non-ENERGY STAR certified model. Mass Save also offers rebates for select ENERGY STAR certified appliances, including clothes dryers, dehumidifiers, room air cleaners, and room air conditioners.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be limited to flowers and boxes of chocolate. Why not gift someone something that can truly benefit them? Energy-efficient gifts can be romantic! Install a Tier 2 APS and have a date night staying in, watching movies without worrying about leaving the TV on. Cook a romantic dinner and impress your date by dimming your smart LEDs straight from your phone, or gift yourself a new, energy-efficient appliance and enjoy a rebate through Mass Save, thanks to the collaboration of Eversource, National Grid, Cape Light Compact, and Unitil. Trust us, you’ll love it all, which is what this holiday is all about anyway.

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