Three Must-Do Updates for an Energy-Efficient Bathroom

November 06, 2018

Did you know that, as of this year, the national average cost to remodel a bathroom is over $10,000? It’s expensive! Of course, there are always ways to minimize those costs and you can start small and complete projects over longer stretches of time. A great place to start, that will bring a noticeable return on investment within the first year, is with lower-cost, energy-efficient updates. The Sponsors of Mass Save® – Cape Light Compact, Eversource, National Grid, and Unitil – offer discounts on many of these products that help to improve the energy efficiency of your bathroom.

Start in the Shower

Did you know that showers account for nearly 20 percent of residential indoor water use? Reducing the water used during showers can have a measurable impact on your household’s water usage, as well as on the cost to heat that water. Today, you can choose from many showerhead and showerhead adaptors that regulate flow rate, saving you both water and energy. If you don’t want to adjust the flow rate however, there are other options. For example, to help eliminate behavioral waste and to save water and energy while your shower is warming up, you can purchase a thermostatic shut-off valve, also known as a TSV. Available as an attachment that you can use with your existing showerhead or built into a showerhead fixture, a TSV reduces wasted water while the shower is warming up by ensuring that once your shower has reached a desired temperature, the water will slow to  a trickle until you get into the shower and pull a cord attached to the valve to restart the full water flow. Installing a TSV is one step toward making your bathroom more energy efficient, as it not only saves water, but it prevents the loss of hot water that took energy to heat. 

Save with LEDs

How many light fixtures do you have in your full-sized bathroom? Perhaps a few over the vanity, one over the shower or bath tub, and maybe one or two recessed for general lighting? The costs of turning all those lights on can really add up. Today, there’s no excuse not to update to LED lighting. ENERGY STAR® certified LEDs will save you energy and money immediately. A 9-watt LED bulb will offer the same amount of light as a 60-watt incandescent bulb, but last 13-20 years longer and will save you roughly $10 a year per bulb on energy costs. Today’s LEDs come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and color temperatures, so there’s really something for every person and every décor taste. Find discounted LEDs that are right for updating your bathroom at the Mass Save online storefront or in-store at one of the several retailers that carry bulbs discounted by the Sponsors of Mass Save.

Add an Aerator

High-performing faucet aerators are great for conservation and energy reduction. Aerators work by limiting the water flow through the faucet, which saves both water and, in the case of hot water, energy. In fact, some high-performing faucet aerators can reduce bathroom sink water use by almost 80 percent! If you’re looking for the low-hanging fruit when it comes to making energy-efficient updates in the bathroom, faucet aerators certainly belong on the list. Aerators also offer the perception of increased water pressure, so if you have a faucet with less than sufficient water pressure, an aerator might be a great addition to make for your faucet’s performance as well.


Updating your bathroom to become more energy-efficient is a smart way to begin your renovation. Additionally, all of these energy saving products mentioned above are available to be installed as needed for free during the Mass Save no-cost home energy assessment, which you can sign up for by simply calling 1-866-527-7283. To find a full selection of these energy-efficient lighting and products, you can also check out the online Mass Save store.

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