How to get the most from your ductless heat pump this winter

November 10, 2021

Ductless heat pumps, commonly known as mini-splits, are an efficient heating and cooling solution that can keep Massachusetts residents comfortable all year round, even in very cold temperatures. By transferring heat rather than creating it, they save considerable energy compared to combustion heating systems.

You may have seen our 7 Tips for Operating Your Mini-Split Heat Pump in the Summer. Now that winter is right around the corner, we’ve got some helpful hints on how to get optimal comfort and savings even on the coldest, snowiest days and nights New England has to offer.

Set the temperature to achieve optimal comfort

The temperature sensors on mini-split indoor units are typically located high up, near the ceiling, where the air is warmer. As a result, you may find you’ll achieve the comfort you want if you bump up the temperature setting on the remote a little higher than you would on a standard thermostat.

Put your ductless heat pump on cruise control

Your ductless heat pump is at its best when you find the temperature that feels most comfortable to you, set it and don’t fuss with it. This is different from combustion heating systems where you might set back your thermostat while you’re asleep or away. With a ductless system, we recommend you leave your system alone, even if you leave for work for the day. Like a car getting better gas mileage when driving at constant highway speed, your ductless heat pump will operate more efficiently this way.

Maintain your indoor units and keep winter’s wrath from doing damage outdoors

Remember to clean the filters on your indoor unit each month. An indicator light may alert you when they need cleaning. It’s also important to keep snow, ice and leaves from building up around the outdoor unit. The outdoor unit should be mounted above the ground so that it is higher than normal snowfall levels. If it’s not, make sure you brush snow and ice away from it after a storm.

Let the sun do some work

In our summer tips, we explained how closing the curtains and blinds helps keep the house cool and gives your ductless system a break. The same concept applies in the winter, but now leave the curtains open during the day and close them at night. Your system will thank you.
Finally, for anyone just beginning to consider a ductless heat pump system, you can find more details and rebates on our heat pump page.

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