Get Set for Summertime Savings

June 07, 2017

You’re ready for the summer, but is your home? Getting your house into summer shape is the key to a cool, comfortable, energy-saving summer. Consider these tips.

Do some maintenance on your cooling system

Make sure your central air conditioning system is ready to bring its A-game by performing some routine maintenance before you need it most. Cleaning and replacing the filter can reduce energy consumption by up to 15%. Removing debris from the condenser coils and straightening coil fins can also improve efficiency. For more in-depth maintenance, an HVAC technician can do a system check. They will check the amount of refrigerant and test for leaks, measure airflow, and inspect the electronic and motorized components. If your central air conditioning system is 15 years or older, it may be time to upgrade. Get up to $500 in rebates on energy efficient cooling equipment through Mass Save.

Stop air leaks in their tracks

Did your parents ever say, “Shut the window, are you trying to cool the entire neighborhood?” when the A/C was running in the summer? But even with the windows closed, the average home leaks air at the equivalent of having a 2 ft. square hole. On top of that, up to 30% of cool air in central air conditioning systems is lost through leaky duct work. The result is inconsistent temperatures room to room, wear on your cooling system, and a lot of energy waste. Air sealing of drafty areas and duct sealing will fix these issues. Your first step toward incentives on air sealing is by scheduling a no-cost Home Energy Assessment through Mass Save.

Use an efficient ENERGY STAR® dehumidifier

The right level of indoor humidity (approximately 50%) helps you keep cool, sleep comfortably and can reduce the risk of mold, dust mites and damage to your home. Running the A/C will certainly help, but if you don’t have an air conditioner or have areas that are unconditioned, like your basement or garage, a dehumidifier comes in handy. Mass Save offers a $30 rebate on ENERGY STAR certified models, which could save you up to $300 in energy costs over the course of its lifetime. And if you have an older, working dehumidifier that you’re ready to upgrade, you may be able to recycle it for $30.


Looking for no-cost summer energy-savers? Try these tips.

  • Dial it back. Increase the temperature on your thermostat by 7-10°F from its normal temperature when you’re away from home. This helps save up to 10% in cooling costs.
  • Flip it in reverse. Change the direction of ceiling fans to spin counter-clockwise to get a breeze going. Using a ceiling fan enables you to raise your thermostat temperature an average of 4° without sacrificing comfort.
  • Keep your house chill, use your grill. Using your oven will warm up your house and cause your A/C to run extra, so get outside and grill whenever you can. We’ll take one hot dog with mustard and relish, please.

For more summer savings, check out our rebates and incentives.

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